Diesel Particulate Filter Çınar

The part that forms as a result of combustion in diesel vehicles and filters the particles in the exhaust gas is called a particle filter. When the Diesel Particulate Filter is clogged, the DPF warning lamp on the Vehicle instrument panel illuminates to alert the driver. The DPF warning light comes on indicates that the DPF catalytic converter needs cleaning or is clogged due to short distance / low speed driving.

Diesel Particulate Filter

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Dpf Cleaning Machines, which is a particle cleaning machine, has been designed for catalyst cleaning and has reached a leading position in the sector by exporting to abroad. Radiator cleaning machines  700 model is one of them.Although the product, which must be found in every garage abroad, is not so popular in our country, it has been observed that it is quite effective in the areas where it is used. At the same time, the company that manufactures also has a German branch, you can reach the company by clicking on the link (cinar machine company) https://www.dpfmac.com/en/ to get detailed information and consultancy for the company that works with great care and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level.

Dpf Cleaning Machines

Although the catalytic converter appears to have different structures in diesel and gasoline automobiles, its purpose is to reduce exhaust emissions, it contains elements that chemically react the exhaust gases, when viewed from the outside, it is a simple but essentially complex structure.

Especially in the new generation ultra-technological vehicles, the fuel consumption of the car can increase when the catalytic converter fails, since the tasks such as increasing the fuel efficiency of the engine and ensuring more stable operation by placing the sensors on it. That’s why you may have low traction, you may have idling problems. Because the exhaust smell of raw fuel, bad odors may come. In addition, you may not pass the exhaust emission test, so dpfmac catalyst cleaning is very important.