Dpf Cleaning Machines

Dpf Çınar Makine company (Dpf Cleaning Machines) combines the experience and knowledge gained as a result of long-term research and designs efficient machines that benefit from the latest technologies and produces high quality Diesel Particulate cleaning machines and derivatives for the needs in this field.

Dpf Cleaning Machines

The part that is formed as a result of combustion in diesel vehicles and filters the particles in the exhaust gas is called a particle filter. Its task is to clean the exhaust gas from particles, reducing the exhaust particle emission.

DpfMac Particle Cleaning (Dpf Cleaning Machine) attaching the particle or catalyst to the head correctly, the lid is closed and the cleaning is performed with an automatic on-off system from the control panel with a completely auto control system.

Particle cleaning spray is used to fix failures and performance degradation caused by contaminated diesel particulate filters. After the process, filters are provided to work at full capacity again. The EGR valve is also cleaned with the Particle Cleaner.

Use ;

Particle cleaning filter (Radiator cleaning machine); Remove pressure or temperature sensor. By inserting the additional hose through this space, spray in the direction of the filter until the material runs out. After the process is completed, perform the process manually with the test device or by performing a test drive. After these operations, check the fault codes. If necessary, reset the faults. A can of cleaner is sufficient for a particulate filter.

Particle cleaning machines are widely used today. For this reason, it is necessary to know everything necessary to clean the filter easily.

Diesel Particulate Filter dpf mac can be accessed by Cinar machine, it has a structure designed to keep the soot and harmful gases that occur after combustion in diesel engine vehicles, to make it cleaner to nature, it has a structure that traps all harmful substances in it. In this system designed according to European standards, a particulate filter is used in all diesel engine vehicles to meet the emission regulation to reduce exhaust emissions and particles such as hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO). The purpose of this system is to create exhaust gas with lower emission values ​​by filtering the particle particles.

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